Q: what do i use to unglue the tabs on the bottom of driver side window that broke on 2002 Oldsmobile Alero

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and where can i buy new ones so ican fix it . without buying a new window ps what do i glue the new tabs on with and where can i buy the glue thank you
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Based on the information you provided about the vehicle the Door Glass Attaching Clips are $6.28 plus shipping and handeling through They can be purchased throught the dealer or other websites on the internet.
The glue used to hold them on is epoxy. You can purchase it at just about any hardware store or you may be able to find it at the local auto store. As to how and get it off I use a die grinder with a medium abrasive disk. Sorry but I wouldnt know where to begine to take the clip off without the die grinder. The epoxy is really stong stuff.
After installing new clips with epoxy it is best not to roll down the window for about 24 hours to allow the epoxy to cure 100%
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