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Q: What do I need to remove in order to see potential source of power steering leak? on 2000 Cadillac DeVille

I had a leak in the high pressure line which I replaced. That cured the leak, now a week later I have another PS fluid leak. Not coming from the high pressure line. This drip comes from somewhere I can't see. What can I remove to see the other possible causes?
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Check the rack pinion, follow the inner tie rod area where there is a boot covering over this. If there is power steering fluid there. You need to replace the entire rack pinion or get it rebuilt, the seals a shot
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Leaks can be difficult to diagnose. As you can tell there is a lot of "stuff" that can get in the way of making a correct diagnosis.

What can be removed to try to find the leak? I would try not to remove anything, it may disturb the leak source. The engine cover may be in the way, and if so definitely should get it out of the way.
I would clean the area real well, and try to see from above and below what could be the source.

Are you sure it is a power steering fluid leak and not engine oil?

Not engine oil. Clear PS fluid just like what I stopped when I replaced the high pressure line. Now, a week later it is leaking from another line but it can't be seen. Today I removed the left front wheel and pulled the inner fender back to see the line which can't be seen from the bottom or top. That line is oily and drips at the low spot. I can only see one end of it, right next to one end of the high pressure line. The other end can't be seen without removing something, and I want to know what to remove to get to it. Someone must have had to replace this line too.
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Have you had to add power steering fluid?
Is the reservoir lower than it used to be?

If it is the return hose, it will need to removed from the bottom after taking off the hose from the pump.

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