Q: What do I need to get repaired for my car? And where do I need to go? Thanks on 2009 Saturn Aura

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There is 60k miles on the car, I do not know what has already been done to this car because it is my father's. The car will gradually drift from one side to another when going at a fast speed. This happens while driving at all times. It drives unevenly and feels like a tire pressure is much lower than all of the others, but the tire pressure is 35-37 on all. No check engine light. No warning lights. This did not happen all of the time, I go to school downtown and I think a pothole caused the problem. No accidents. I drive this car 35 miles a day Monday-Friday for school. And there are potholes downtown and they are impossible to avoid. I go over them every day at a slow speed. I have gone over one at a high speed maybe twice. Another time the steering wheel shook once back and forth at the same time my front end of the car was shaking back and forth violently and this happened at a slow speed 35 mph-25 mph. The steering wheel once shook when I was stopped as well. Please help thx
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Take it to an alignment shop and get it fixed! They can check stuff that we can can only guess at also
it is a saftey thing!!!
I took it to a shop and they said I just need an alignment. Should I be cautious after the alignment or look for any problems? (Loose lug nuts)? Thanks.
Ok thanks! I am picking the car up at 7 pm EST time so I will respond with any questions I have :)
You can try going to a chevy dealer since gm parts are saturn parts. It sounds like you electronic power steering motor is going out. They will hopefully replace it for free. Call them to see. I dont suggest you drive the car unless it is necessary the motor can stop and cause an accident!
I went over a pot hole at a moderate speed and the steering wheel pulls to the right. (The side I hit the pot hole on). I took it to a shop and they said I just need an alignment. When I turn, it turns just fine. So I do not think that the electric steering wheel is going out. But thank you for your response.
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