Q: What do I need to do when you push gas pedal it backfires and dies. on 1995 Dodge Ram Van 2500

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When sitting still, it idles fine, but when I push the gas pedal it backfires and dies. What can I do to fix this?
Thanks so much!
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Hi, Back-firing can also be caused by too much oxygen in the exhaust system,which causes combustion in the exhaust system.So check for any air leaks in the exhaust system.And check the air injection system if the 1995 ram has one.I also recommend a repair manual if you havn't one yet.They are available at auto shops.I suppose the question is: Is the back-firing the cause of the stalling or is the stalling the cause of the back-firing? Frank.
Hey there I have a 1995 dodge van ram b 2500. I change the injector and spark plugs and its still hesitates to. Move it back fires when I turn it of and on it works fine for a few miles then it starts actin up agin .. some one told I'm runing on les cylendors ... what you think it can be thanks