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Q: What do I need for my 2000 Toyota Camry V6's 90k service? on 2000 Toyota Camry

The mechanic who does brakes, etc. for me quoted me almost $1,000, saying the timing belt is a big item and needs to be replaced.

The dealership told me that they charge $480.95 for the service since my mileage is low per year. But when I asked about the timing belt, he seemed confused and started talking about the timing chain that is in the engine. He told me my car has no timing belt, and maybe he meant the drive belt.

I want to know what I definitely should do at this service and whether it is recommended to take it to the dealership.
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Mileage is only one part at 90K miles, time is the other. You only get about 6 years out of a timing belt before you risk failure and an ruined engine When replacing the timing belt on the V6 you should replace the water pump as well. Timing belt kits are now sold with a water pump, idler and tensioner pulley plus the timing belt. It takes 4 hours to replace and does cost about $850-1000 depending on additional parts like new serpentine belts, plugs, wires, air, cabin filters...The dealer will tell someone one over the phone that the job is far less expensive then lower the boom when they turn over the keys. No surprise there.
Sounds like I have been dodging a bullet. The dealership told me that they would do a 120k service and quoted me a price of $1275. Does that sound right? Or should I take it to my usual mechanic who knows the car? He quoted me $950 for the 90k service.
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If your car is not at the 120k yet I see no reason to do it yet. Do the 90k and stay with the guy you know as long as you have confidence in him.
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Your car has a timing belt. Toyota reccomends that it should be replaced at 90k. Most of the time we suggest that the water pump be replaced at the same time to avoid added cost should it fail later. Not sure who is correct in their estimate....its likley one is estimateing more services than the other. Due to age and not knowing the history of prior services I cannot say what estimate is correct. Its like compairing apples and oranges.
Thanks for your reply. I've never done anything other than change the oil and replace fluids, and brakes. I had to do an 02 sensor and control arm bushings. Can you tell me what the approximate cost of the timing belt and water pump would be? I think the dealership is low-balling the cost, but they are willing to do a free diagnosis of what is needed. Or I could take it to my mechanic. He says he would need the car for two days. Is this usual? Thanks for your help.
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The dealers quote is close to what I would charge for a timing belt, waterpump job. There are a few other things that may be needed like spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, and drive belts. Factory recommends the spark plugs at 60k and you are past that mileage. Most of the time these type services can be done in one day but that also depends on a shops work load as to how quickly things can be done and parts be delivered to them. First you need to feel comfortable and trust in who is working on your car. If you know the guy that gave you the higher estimate simple ask him what is included in his estimate and why is it higher that the dealer quote. If cannot esxplane to your satisfaction get reccomendation of another shop from friends or coworkers. Your Toyota should last you a long time...Good luck.
Thanks so much for the information. I guess I will have the dealership give me a diagnostic and see what the total price is. If I were in your area I would use you guys!
Some cars have timing chains not belts. While you don't necessarily have to take it to a dealership, if you're not a decent mechanic you should probably take it to a reputable shop.
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