Q: What do i hav to check so my car wnt throw white smoke? on 1998 Infiniti I30

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The smoke smells like gas nd it throws da gas straight out da muffler i cleaned da egr already but didnt change.. wat else can i check so t wnt throw white smoke?
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White smoke is usually a bad head or head gasket. You can sometimes check by opening your radiator cap when the car is cooled down. Then start it up and see if the coolant pushes out of the radiator; or if it uses excessive coolant. If either is happening you have a major problem.
The coolant level is good it doesnt move wen i turn on da car nd da oul is also clean.. i cheked everythin nd it uses to much gas.. im guessin its nt burning the gas because it the amike smells like gas and alot of fluid comes out the myffler which also smels like the gas dat its not burnin...
Yes it shows multiple misfires nd da code po1320.. we cleaned everythin nd double checked everythin nd its all good nd still throws all da white smoke
There is a TSB for code P1320. It says all 6 coils need to be changed. If the resistance is to low on the coils they will fire cold and not burn all the fuel. You can start there. Good luck.