Q: what did I do to this vehicle? wont drive right now. how can I fix? on 1999 Lincoln Navigator

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Last night I went to shift from park to drive, and I got a little ahead of myself in the heat of things. I hit the gas to go before It was fully in drive. so I suppose it didn't have enough time to get into the right gear. and It felt as though the bottom fell out!! I know something bad happened, because. now It wont go without feeling like its going to further the damage. It can drive reverse with no problem. but as soon as I drive forward it struggles and I dont wanna go further. please help!! its my parents vehicle!!
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Do you have any general guesses on what could have happened? I would like ballpark figures on the issues that it could be. I have been told that I may have thrown the drive shaft out. Being as I tried to drive it while it was between gears that could make sense. just want a few educated guesses at this point.
More like internal transmission damage, if it were the drive shaft it would be the same in ANY gear! It will have to be checked out as there is no common resolution for this one!