what could cause this problem in the steering? on 1999 GMC Yukon Denali

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while driving a minimum speed, making a left turn etc. my steering wheel seems to turn by itself, you can feel movement (other than you moving the wheel) At first I thought it was my tires but that's not it!
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NO NO NO Had the same problem on mine-Had mechanics telling me wheel bearings/steering pump/steering box-all wrong.Under the dash before fire wall at the coupler for the two halfs of the steering shaft is a flat "donut"with a fine wire 2 pole connector-This is a steering sensor-dumbest idea ever-this is the problem-part is under $50 but you'll pay $100 labor-I opted to disconnect battery(airbag)separate shaft-remove donut-leave plugged in tape up with electrical tape and stuff it in harness-problem solved
could this cause too much play in the steering wheel as well? Mine, while normal corrective steering, feels like it "grabs" one way or the other....still look to the "donut " as the problem?
It sounds like the front wheel bearing. Some easy things to check is to pull or push the top of the from the side. Looking at the tire as if you were to change it, push at the tire in or pull out with both hands. You should have no play in the wheel. Another clue would be a grumbling sound when driving , this is not always noticeable.