Q: What could cause the VSA system to cut off my throttle during normal driving? on 2005 Honda Odyssey

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My VSA system activates intermittently while driving and cuts the throttle to idle speed for 1 - 10 seconds and then recovers. This is very dangerous! No diagnostic codes are generated. The local dealer can not diagnose the root cause. Any ideas on what could cause this? Anyone else have this issue?
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The vehicle has no damage or repair in those areas. It had a minor ding repaired on the left rear side panel and a scrape fixed on the right sliding door a couple of years ago. The only other repair on the vehicle so far was replacement of the front wheel bearings about a year ago.
If you are able to duplicate the symptom while test driving with dealer 'tech' , then I'd suggest that they drive with you and record a 'snapshot' of the PGM-FI data while the problem occurs . They can then send that 'snapshot to Hondas' 'Techline'(engineering assist.) and go from there. MUST be able to duplicate your symptom.