Q: What could cause my car not to crank? on 2000 Nissan Altima

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when driving my car to Shelby about a month ago it ran fine after I got where I was going & later when I got in it to go it started & I back up out of my space & it made a small racket like I had run over something,but I did not...I ignored it & then put the car in drive & took off after going through one stop sign it begin to act crazy & then stalled at the next stop sign & turned off....I then started it back up & went to take off again & it wouldn't go no where it just stalled again & then has refused to crank up ever since! Now it sits in my drive way after having to tow it in but no one can figure it out...I am so desperate to find an answer. I am disabled & really need my car to get to all my doctor appts. Can some one PLEASE help give me an idea of some things I can try? Thanks.
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