Q: What could cause gasoline smell in engine compartment? on 1998 Isuzu Amigo

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Occurs during driving
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"Don't listen to bad advise.. every "Amigo" has this problem especially with "Soft Top" owners. When you fill up your Tank, the fumes carry into the cab through the creases in the soft top side window, so there a smell of gas for awhile inside but quickly goes away. Crack your sunroof for 30 minutes. Its more of a problem with sealing off the gas cap and filler than anything else. No you don't have a gas leak!!!
What if YOU are wrong? Without looking at the vehicle even if you own one how do you know the advice is "bad"?
So why did you ask for more advise? The question stated nothing about refueling, just when driving.
"I thought they mean't gas smell in cab, engine area is problely a leak so you are correct! Sorry about that, I have failing eyes and I missed that part of the original question. My Amigo smells like gas at least 30 minutes after a re-fill at the pump. Its a flaw in the sealing of the softops. Isuzu America says, softop may become worped so to let in air.. in this case the smell of gas.
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