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What could cause a wheel bearing and the hub to go bad?

(2003 Nissan Maxima)
in Round Rock, TX on November 08, 2013
I have had one replaced in the front left, 2010 and 2013, was the part a defect?
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of G. T. Service Center on November 08, 2013
What Quality of bearing did you purchase? Was it a 2nd line part?
on November 08, 2013
I think the cheapest, the mechanic shop got the part for me. They buy there parts from Advance Auto Parts, the Hub bearing was $72. back in 2010,and When I had it replaced a few weeks ago, I used a different repair shop,the part came from Auto Zone $50. I know longer go to the first shop because when they fix the wheel bearing, they damage my spindle, and I had to go to a salvage yard to get one, and they looking at me like why you need a spindle....How do you mess up a spindle replacing the wheel bearing??
of G. T. Service Center on November 09, 2013
Sorry, I went to bed; The cheaper bearings are made with cheaper material. I won't purchase a 2nd line wheel bearing for a customer, before I explain to the customer the difference in quality between the 2. The warranties have changed over the years. The 2nd line or cheaper, now only has a 1 year ltd. warranty. The 1st line or more expensive, is built better quality components, and have a better warranty at most places. To me it's like buying my tools from WalMart or Snapon. When removing & replacing the bearing from the spindle & hub, you need to be careful not to damage the parts. I use a press, and make sure everything lines up straight. If you don't do it right, things can fail. Don't know how they did it, but it's easy to damage if you don't do it right.
on November 09, 2013
Thank you so much, what shop do you work at?
of G. T. Service Center on November 09, 2013
I own GT Service Center in Stephenville, about 60 miles south west of Ft Worth. Click on my name for more information.
on November 09, 2013
I took my car to Nisaan for an oil change, and they told me I may have an Axel Seal Leak and that my power steering fluid is leaking. But, if my power steering fluid is leaking, I am not having to add more power sterling fluid to the power steering fluid canister. Also, last year my engine light came on, and I had these codes P0455/p1800 but i have never had these items fix,i guess these where false codes? My engine light is no longer on. One of the codes i had they said if i keep driving on it, it would mess up my catalytic converter. It seem like every 3 months I am having some sort or repair done. It's a03 Nisaan Maxima with 186323. Should you allays have rotor replace when you replace break pads? I've also heard that it's cheaper to just replace them,and I just replaced my rear break pads. I am really thinking about trading this car in I want a good reliable car. Thank you for all your advice
of G. T. Service Center on November 09, 2013
I agree with you. If your not adding fluid, the leak is not that bad. Sometimes there is some seepage and they call it a leak, and that's the Tech's job, find more work while the car is there. The p0455 is a gross leak in you Evap system, has nothing to do with drivability. The p1800 is your VIAS solenoid valve, it operates the power valve for your variable air induction system. This opens & closes the flaps in the intake system to shorten the distance for your air to travel on higher Rpm or higher acceleration for better performance. As far as repair bills, your car is at the age/mileage that more and more repairs are needed. As far as reliable car, most all auto makers are building better cars now days. They are using cheaper material to help their bottom line, and lower prices. European vehicles are higher end and cost a lot for maintenance. I am liking the warranties offered on small imports like KIA, Hyundai. I am partial to GM vehicles. Consider your repair bills verses car payments, may have to just bite the bullet. If I can help you, just let me know. Thanks
on December 16, 2013
Hi, there. My car was idling hard, it wouldn't last long, took it to my mechanic, my spark plugs were bad, so i had a tune up done. $155 for my 2003 Nisaan Maxima. been driving it for 2 days now, and now today, while park at work, the car starts idling hard for a little bit, a little worse then before. Drove it home, it drove fine, park in my drive way. No idling hard. I don't know what this is. But I just paid $155 and I can not afford anything else. I need rear shocks, the labor for that would cost me $120 total, the parts est $130 per side. I am planning on trading it in, when I get my Income tax, so really trying not to put any more money into it but I can tell the shocks are bad in the back. I only drive est 30miles-40 miles a day. So, I am going to try to take it easy. I don't want another car note. This one is paid off. Oh, while I was getting my tune up, this guy comes in with his 2010 Maxima, needing shocks. ON a 2010...Wow. This car a peace of junk. I would like something like a Lexus,volvo, or Toyota that I can have either a very low note on (3 years) or pay cash for. I wouldn't be surprised if this year I have all ready spent $2k on repairs. This is ridicules. Right now I have 187,494 miles. I need to run my vin, I think this car been in a wreck or something, I talk with this guy who has the same car as me, but he's had his car since it was brand new, and he hasn't had any problems. What's wrong with my car??
of G. T. Service Center on December 16, 2013
Your car has a lot of miles on it , of course. You bought it used, and don't know the history on it. Many cars are built at the same place by the same people, But some have more problems then others. I have found no reason for it, but it just happens. Trying to get a Lexus, or Volvo could be a bad move with the price of the repairs on them, with the luck your having with this one. Cars are being built better and better all the time. I have customers that have a problem with one thing or another, and the same model not have anything but service maintenance and gas. Without checking the symptoms with hands on, I could only guess why it's missing. Shocks or struts don't normally keep a good ride but just a few years. People just keep driving them until they are wore out before they think about getting anything done. You're right about not wanting to spend money on a piece of junk, but what can you do, you still need transportation. Maybe the prior owner just drove your car hard and put it up wet, I don't know and sorry your having more problems.
on December 16, 2013
I have another ignition Coil going out, I have had #6 replace 3 weeks ago, I am now looking to order 5 of them and have a friend help me replace them, I have watch this video and the front one's seem easy to repolace just the rear one's I would need help with, since my friend is a mechanic, I'll have him help me. I have had a quote from Nisaan, they'll replace 5 for 1,156.44, parts $610.50, labor is $485.94 and Mcspadden $820, parts are $120 piece,labor is $200
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