Q: what could be the cause for car to shut off,loose power when driving? on 1994 Honda Accord

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On sunday i driving my car and my car completely had no power.I accelerated on the gas and car completely had shut off.The same time it shut off the check engine and D4 light came on and started blinking.I was told speed control sensor,coil,and distributor.Had it replaced,but still nothing and the 2 lights are still on and theres no spark.So let me know whats wrong.
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I'm not an auto technician but I recently helped a friend in purchasing a 1999 Accord LX. My normal approach is at a minimum, drive it for a while, then have it checked out mechanically and have the computer checked out (assumes the computer codes have not been cleared). A code came back that the cylinder position sensor was failing. The sensors determine the position of the cylinders and control firing. If the sensors fail, no signal is sent to fire in the cylinder and the car can stop. One of the three sensors was bad, which caused the car to "miss" while idling. The repairs were done and taken off the price of the car. No problems since then. The repair cleared the check engine light and fixed the rough idling.
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