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Q: What could be causing my front drivers side brake to keep locking? It's only the on 1993 Chevrolet S10 Blazer

We have replaced calipers, rotor, Master cylinder, brake line, pads. Still locks up. Disconnected the ABS and that seemed worse. I don't know what else to do. Please help!
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Could the brake flex hose be allowing fluid out to the caliper but restrict the fluid returning as pedal pressure is taken away. Is that pad set wearing more quickly? No sign of contamination from bearing grease or anything?
We replaced the flex hose, master cylinder also, flushed out fluid to make sure no contamination. This brake locks and the wheel won't turn.
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Possibly the rotor out of round, or wheel bearing loose, something that would build heat in the system.

Or, something is holding pressure in the system.
A wheel bearing could cause that? What else could build heat? I can't even get this in for repair because it locks right back up. Thank You, I am desparate.
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How far do you drive before it has a problem?
Try this. Raise the wheel that is locking up, do not drive the vehicle. Is it locked (or has excessive resistance)? If not, start engine and pump the brake pedal a few times, is it now locked up? If not, take it on a short, maybe just a few feet drive, is it locked up? If it is, something is applying hydraulic pressure to the caliper, or the caliper is bound up.

When it locks up, try loostning the bleeder to relieve pressure, does that unlock the wheel? if it does, I suspect a hydraulic problem, not a caliper problem.

Try loostning the 2 nuts that hold the mastercylinder to the booster a couple of turns, try all it again. Is there any difference? If there is, then the master is holding pressure to the wheel.
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