what causes thumping sound when turn steering wheel on 2005 Ford Freestyle

what causes thumping sound when turning the steering wheel to the left or right when driving

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A bad cv joint may cause this. Try to have a mechanic go for a test drive and see what they think, it's much better to experience the noise to be able to determine where the issue lies.
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I'm not a macanic at any means but I found out what my problems was after 2 different garages looked at my ford freestar 2005. My van has been in so many times I guess one of the time they disconnected my air filter assembly and the little vent channel connected to the right of it. When they are seperated and you turn the stering wheel it make a thump noise. Once I found the channel loose and re-connected it the thumping stopped. If that is the problem you might need to take out the front driver light assembly to be able to reconnect it. Hope that helps I'm happy.
Mechanic says it's in the steering wheel shaft, don't worry till it gets worse. It is slowly ?