What causes the key to be stuck in the ignition of my car? on 2008 Chevrolet Impala

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I can start the car and drive but the key won't come out. I have tried moving it from Park to Reverse to Neutral several times but the key won't come out. Can turn the engine off but the lights stay on and runs down the battery. The dealership said a wire broke and therefore won't tell the computer that the car is in park. They said a couple other wires are bound up and it will cost me $365.00 to get it fixed. Is there by chance a recal on this?
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nope, no recalls.
try pushing the shifter more into park and see if it releases the key. if not, then the dealer is most likely correct.

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I know of no recall on this. We usually find the ignition cylinder itself causing this issue.
good luck.
The dealer said a wire was broke therefore not telling the computer that the car was in park so the key
would not come out. Next day drove the car to the grocery store and when I came out the car started
and then wouldn't come out of park. 4 people tried to help but no one could get it out of park. Had it
towed back to the dealer and they claim another wire was broke but fixed it for free.