Q: what causes stalling after 1st ten minutes of driving? on 2001 Mercedes-Benz C240

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about every 6 months a series of stalling episodes occur. stalling occurs when car comes to stop at traffic light. 89k miles
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Thank you, anonymous. The crank position sensor is exactly what it was. The dealer had accidently removed and lost the engine compartment drip molding (PN 190 2036281469) during a previous repair under the hood - of course without anyone being aware . The result was that rain running off the windshield from the wipers, effectively poured directly over the crank position sensor every time it rained, eventually damaging it and causing it to malfunction after warming up. New sensor was easy enough to locate , but the installation was a pretty big task, requiring removal of the mass air flow assembly - but worth it! Now the problem is locating the drip molding which is on National backorder. No wonder it disappeared!
This type of problem can be caused by a few things, but often it is from the idle control circuit. This may consist of an idle valve, an idle switch, or an electronic throttle body. Have the codes checked, and try looking for related TSB's for your vehicle.
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