Q: What causes a noise on my l. front like a bearing or road noise on 2007 Lexus RX350

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It gets louder if I turn. at about 50 I don't hear it. No vibration. No Clicking. Noise stops when I stop rolling. Looking for cost estimate of what a shop might need for repair.
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Does the noise increase when you veer to the right or left at about 35-40mph? If it does, the problem is likely to be the wheel bearing on the opposite side of the direction you are turning. to replace the bearing, including the tax is $400.18 as long as the wheel hub has not been damaged. The additional cost of the hub is $97.64 + tax. I highly recommend having this checked out right away, wheel bearings can get much worse quickly.
The biggest guess is the info we're given to go on !!!.......I'm leaning towards severe tire cupping on left front, due to excessive negative toe on right front, but.....................nevermind!
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