Q: What caused the car to stop at 80ks an hour could it be carbon build up. on 2009 Subaru Impreza

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My wifes Impreza at 80 km/h slowed down and stopped, the cam shaft pulley broke. Subaru put it down to carbon build up and too many short trips. Only 4 years old and 26,000 ks. It has been seviced on time every time. Subaru will pay for all of the costs which we are grateful for. what is the chance of this happening again? My wife want to buy another car, kind regards Derek {Delboy}
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Here is my opinion and mine alone, could be wrong, if you get another ride get another make!! Worked on a bunch of these over the years. Personally I think they have gone down hill. Dealer (Subaru) gave you a poor excuse I think. Oh, that gear (pulley) is a composit material, not entirely metal. Head gasket leaks are a problem as well, later on. They are just not consistent. Sorry but that is just the way I feel about this make! As stated may be entirely wrong, hope I am!