Q: What can I do when I was taken advantage of from a mechanic? on 2002 Nissan Sentra

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I had taken my car to Auto Zone in Dec. they said their diagnostic said the code was the fuel temperature sensor. A mechanic looked at it and said it just needed to be reset,everything has been good til 2 weeks ago. My car was stalling at lights or when coming to a stop the next day it then started stalling while driving,till a couple days later it wouldnt turn over at all. I had it towed to a shop where they did a diagnostic and they said the problem was that my oil stick was missing which caused air to flow through the fuel system and a pc valve needed to be replaced. that was good i thought till i went to pay and pick it up the next day and they said they had bad news, my ecu needed to be replaced, at the time of the towing of my car i explained to them of the fuel temperature sensor,which was obviously never checked.My bill is now over 900.00 I have no money like that for mistakes to be made numerous times. The day when my car is ready i get another call stating they found the problem,my fuel pump and temperature sensor need to be replaced as well as my battery,i had no choice to pickup my car because unable for bill to get any higher. I got my car home and it doesnt start, please is there anything i can do?
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