Q: What can be wrong water pump heads thermostat or radiator? on 2000 Cadillac DeVille

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i have a dts model that keeps running hot i hope it is not the heads because theirs no water in my oil dipsick no white smoke coming from the tail pipe etc... i took out the thermostat still run hott!!!! flushed the coolaint system still hott waht could it be please help thank you in advance


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ok on this type of car you should remove the thermosthat is two way thermosthat now doe's you fans coming on ? and try to bleed the system .you can come to our shop for a free visual inspection we are open on sunday to .

Come down to Miami Lakes Automall. We are an authorized GM repair facility with factory trained technicians. We will diagnose the problem for no charge. Just see Diango or Luis in service and print out this answer. We'd be glad to help.
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