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Q: What are the instructions to replace the Rear Back Brake caliper. on 1992 Buick Park Avenue

Back pasenger side brake caliper is leaking and needs replaced.
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You may find on line workshop information for your Buick at
under the section on top that says "repair info".
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It calls for 1 hour book time for 1 side. Good luck. Hope this helps!
1. Remove approximately 2/3 of brake fluid from master cylinder.
2. Raise and support front of vehicle, then remove wheel and tire assembly.
3. Position suitable pliers over inboard pad and housing as shown in Fig. 4, and squeeze pliers to compress caliper piston.
4. If caliper assembly is being removed for service, remove inlet fitting attaching bolt, copper washer, and inlet fitting from caliper housing. Plug opening in inlet fitting to prevent fluid loss and contamination. Do not crimp brake hose, as this may damage internal structure of hose. If only shoe and lining assemblies are to be replaced, do not disconnect brake line fitting from caliper.
5. Remove Allen head caliper mounting bolts, Fig. 5. If bolts show signs of corrosion, use new bolts when installing caliper assembly.
6. Remove caliper assembly from disc. If only shoe and lining assemblies are to be replaced, using a length of wire suspend caliper from spring coil. Never allow caliper to hang from brake hose.
1. Position caliper assembly over disc and align mounting bolt holes. If brake hoses were not disconnected during removal, use care not to kink hoses during installation.
2. Install mounting bolts and tighten to specifications, Fig. 5.
3. Check the dimensions between each caliper stop and caliper, Fig. 12. If necessary remove caliper and file ends of bracket to provide proper clearance.
4. If brake hose fitting was disconnected during removal, install brake hose fitting.
5. Fill master cylinder. Bleed brake system if brake line was disconnected and recheck master cylinder fluid level.
6. Install wheel and tire assembly on vehicle, then lower vehicle and check brake system operation. Before moving vehicle, pump brake pedal several times to be sure it is firm. Do not move vehicle until a firm pedal is obtained.
U have brake shoes on the back right, so u will have wheel cylinder on the back get someone who knows about changing brake shoes because there are so many small parts that u got to take loose and put back right.
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