Q: What are the difficulties in changing front rotors on this model? on 2001 Buick Park Avenue

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Severe shimmy when applying brekes
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Depends on your skill level and tool collection! We dont know that. Have you installed any disc brakes before? Either way you go install new rotors instead of machining!! Not much difference in price, lot of diff. in brk. performance.
warped disks. rec. if saving money on shop charges by doing work yourself, consider upgrade from conventional rotors to drilled and slotted as they dissipate heat better(less prone to warping). rec. thorough inspection of calipers. caliper pistons will build up sludge that can effect function severely, ruining your brand new brake components. you can clean and recondition caliper pistons. check brake fluid to ensure it is still adequate viscosity. being thorough can save the hassle of redoing them sooner than you'd like(save money, save time in long run).
Also check tires for proper inflation, and wear, and proper wheel weights on the wheels, have you had any recent work done or recommended service not performed, when was your last brake inspection, a lot of local chains do free brake, and suspensionn checks. If brakes seem to not work properly seek immediate attention. Extremely worn rotors can decrease braking, and become vey thin, and can cause a shimmy, I know, I have seen rotors almost thin as paper, which may cause other brake problems, have entire system checked .