Q: What are AC static pressure for my car on 2005 Mercury Montego

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What are all pressure readings for my ac system.
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Static pressure is when the A/C is off and both high and low sides are equal. This pressure reading will vary based on temperature and could be between 75 PSI and just over 100 PSI.

The real diagnostics are done with the system running, so you can see what the high and low sides are doing. On a good working system, the low side should be between 30-45 PSI and the high side can be between 150-250 PSI. These numbers always vary on type of A/C system and ambient temperature.
Static pressure is Low 65 High 150
Running is Low 43 High 150
Both cooling fans are running but my system will not cool at an idle. Temp outside was 66 and the temp in car on pass side was 49 at 1500rpm. Cools fine on the Highway.
Could it be my compressor or something else.
Danny Ament