Q: Wet floorboards! on 2001 Honda Civic

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My 2001 honda civic has been getting wet each time it rains. The back floorboards are soaken wet if it rains hard and long enough..the front began to get wet also. I realized that my back seats aren't wet, but if I stick my hand in between the seats (where the seat belt it, the bottom of the seat belt is wet) I lifted the back seat down, and the back of it isnt wet, nor is the trunk. I'm thinking this has something to do with my sunroof drains being stopped up??? How does my floorboard get wet, the seat belt, but not the actual seat or back of the seat???? Very confused! If it is the drains, how do I go about fixing this?
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On a dry day open the sunroof and slowly pour water around the weather strip area next to the sunroof track and it should drain out of the bottom of the car, if it doesn't then the sunroof drain holes are plugged