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Q: Wet carpet on driver's side rear floor when it rains. on 2004 Ford Mustang

The driver's side rear floor is absolutely soaked after a heavy rain! We do not feel any water around the roof liner or other carpeting, just the 'well' where a rear passenger riding on the driver's side would put their feet. One person told us to check door drain holes, and I did check two (2) longish slots (not holes) along the bottom edge of the door; both are clear. The rubber weather strip on the driver's side also appears to be good. Neither seat or seatbelts are wet either. Any advice is really appreciated!
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Hi,I have a 2007 mustang also,and mine did the same exact thing,let me tell you there is a TSBA on it as we speak,call ford and tell them the issue,mine has been in the shop 3 times,it was leakin from the wall well,the passenger door frame and other areas.THey had to replace my carpets and it still doingit again,if u take it to the shop after 3 times then call ford.....hope this helps but ford is well aware of this problem,tons of mustang are being reported of the same problem...I think it is the way the car was made
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It is best to look for water leaks when everything is dry. First is the door seal or door, damaged in anyway? I have seen the seat belt having damaged the door seal on many vehicles. Do the doors close flush with body? Ensure the door seal makes good and uniform contact with the door (particularly important if the vehicle has been involved in an accident. You may need to pull back carpets pull back the carpets and sit inside the car (you may need a flashlight) and get a friend with a garden hose to spray water around the door jams to determine if the water is entering the doorway. Then spray water around the windscreen moving around the circumference of the windscreen. Look around the windscreen area and look up from the floor mat area (as best you can) to determine if water is leaking in around the windscreen seal. Is there any rust around the windscreen area or body work? If you have a sun roof there is a drain tube at each corner of the roof to channel away water. A blocked drain may cause water to fall from the sunroof area Water can also come up through the floor pan as you drive through water on the road, if any rubber bung or “seam sealer” has been disturbed or is missing.
Have a convertible top and I have the same issue with the floor behind driver side area getting wet after it rains. I have had a foot of water after a hard rain. I recently noticed a rubber plug that got twisted and will no longer fit into the whole on the side panel of the inside driver side door. Haven't had it replaced yet, but I think that is the issue. I was able to partially get into the hole and the carpet didn't get wet after the next rain. Don't know if that was the issue since I still have that problem, the rubber plug is still damaged.
When you open the driver side door, it would be located to the upper right of the inner door panel, not the door, just below the rubber seal of the back window. It is a black rubber seal a few inches in length. The corner of that rubber seal seemed to have gotten caught when closing the door and pulled it out of the base of the car. It now looks twisted and the spike looking plug that once fit into the hole of the side car panel is mangled. That could very well have been the issue, since I pushed it in enough the other day to make it stay in somewhat and today 1/10, we had a hard rain in Tampa and no wet carpet!! Good luck with it!
I finally took t the shop that does work on convertibles and there was a Mustang, the same year as mine, there. The shop pulled out the back seat and found the drain holes (there is one on each side, in the floor were plugged. Quick fix and no more leaks and only was charged $100.00. Thanks to all who offered a resolution to this dilema!
Check out my question/rely below (DEEM), may help with your issue, I have the same.
My 2004 Honda Accord does the same thing. We have checked all through the doors, windows, moon roof, trunk, under the car and can't find any evidence of a leak which would cause water to gather in the foot well of the driver side back seat. Last week we have very heavy rains, and I bailed out 2 quarts of water, and now I'm trying to get the floor dry. Is Honda responsible for this repair? Anything would help at this point. I can't afford to pull out the carpets and replace it. If this is a flaw in the design, Honda should be the responsible party ad fix the problem, if they know where the water is coming into the car. No other water anywhere else, just in the foot well of the drivers side back seat. HELP....... tisketdarling in Shepherd, Montana
Well, I thought the problem with the water build up of the passenger side, behind driver side (floor and side panel) was resolved when I stuffed some napkins where the back window meets the rubber seal closest to the door panel. The napkin had hardened, and even though I could not roll down that back window, there was no water build up when we had a hard rain. I pulled the hardened napkin out to roll down the window, and go figure, we had a hard rain, and again, a foot of water in the back floor and inside the side panel. I'm gonna try that again to see if that is the resolution.
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