Q: were is the kill switch located on a bmw 528i on 1998 BMW 528i

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air bag was deployed and replaced and now it will not start is there a kill switch in it
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Here are a few no start possibilities: Battery
Low Battery Voltage — While cranking (less than 10 volts).
Digital Engine Electronics Control Module (DME) — Disconnected DME ECU with the key on.
DME Main Power Relay
Disconnected EWS Unit — Disconnected EWS ECU (key on)
Rolling Start Code — Rolling start code is out of sync between the EWS and DME.
Engine Control Module
Improper EWS Module Coding
Incorrect Key
Oil Level Sensor — Oil level sensor bringing down voltage from fuse 15.
Park Neutral/Clutch Switch
EWS Unit
Defective Ignition Key
Defective Key Antenna
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