Q: Were is the Fuel cut off relay located? and were is the electronic spark timing on 1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

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were is that relay and circuit
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There is no fuel cut off. If you can, check fuel pressure. And, the electronic spark timing is done by the computer and the ignition module, as soon as the engine rpm gets above about 450.
there is a fuel pump relay only. it is in the relay center.

the module has the esc built into it. What is the problem you have??

i had it scan and the code said the fuel cut off switch is faulty or the est is faulty or the dis is faulty i origanally got it scanned because its making this loud knocking sound on the passenger side of the engine i put a new power steering pump that didnt do anything i used a sethoscope and i heard the noise really loud right behind the belt tensioner assembly but i changed the belt tensioner assembly and that didnt do anything but thats whats wrong what do you think?