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Q: We took our car back to the mechanic and ask that he check the car again. on 2003 Toyota Corolla

He said the wheel bearings were not defective, and the noise was now the back wheel bearings. We had him replace those and the noise from the back was gone. The problem with the front I complained about was from worn rotors and brake pads. Rotors were to thin to turn again. We had this work done and he adjusted the idle up. Now what he did improved our car but I am hearing a whistling and I feel it is harder to steer the car. I told my husband the car was pulling drastically to the left and he said he told the mechanic it was out of alignment. Shouldn't this car have been aligned properly after putting all wheel bearing on, new rotors and new brake pads. I'm wondering if the whistling sound I heard and the rough ride was due to the mechanic not properly aligning the car after installing the new wheel bearings. I hope we didn't needlessly pay for new rotors and break pads when the issue could have been his failure to align the car after installing the wheel bearings. We are at a complete loss on what to do....
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I didn't reply right away because I was afraid if we paid or an alignment and the problem still existed we would have to pay again. My husband decided to go have it aligned and the definitely is back on track to where it was when I had the tires put on. Going back over my original complaint about road noise,the wheel bearings needed replacement in front and back. My problem is still in the front. Since the back bearings were replaced the road noise I was hearing in the back is gone. After our mechanic replaced the front bearings I was very much aware of a whistling sound and I knew the car was out of alignment. I also experienced vibration under the front passenger side of the car and upon breaking complained of a rough idling that sounded and felt like the car was going to stall out. New to me was the sound of whistling coming from the front and the tight feeling when steering the car. The alignment helped but the whistling sound started after the front wheel bearings were installed. Now the mechanic went over the car and has installed new rotors (we were aware they could not be turned again)and brake pads. He adjusted the idle to help with the vibration, but he did mention motor mounts were a little worn. My problem with MY HUSBAND is the fact that he should have asked the repair man if replacing the rotors and brakes will stop the vibration that is not only on the passenger side but also since installing the wheel bearings on the driver's side! Upon acceleration a faint sound like whistling or that of a jet taking off starts and gets louder and louder. I hear an annoying groaning side that is definitely coming from a fan. I hear ac noises and I'm sure we will be addressing that down the road but right now it is the fan and whistling and vibration in the front that is upsetting me. Could the motor mount be causing these issues? I fear we may not be able to get these resolved. My husband allowed both struts to go over the advice of mechanics until the front axle and CV joint had to be replaced. I truly believe if my husband used an ounce of prevention and addressed the first strut when it leaked instead of allowing it to get to the point of ruining the front axle and CV joint this car would have been problem free! I need a definitive diagnosis because I don't want to throw anymore money into needless repairs. Can you recommend a mechanic who would be able to pin point the problems with the front end? Thank you, for all your past (Repair Pals diagnosed the wheel bearings not the mechanic) and future advice. If I was granted 3 wishes the first would be a "washing machine" repair pal, followed by an AC repair pal and last but not least a Home Builder Repair Pal. God bless.
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