Q: We recently had engine replaced; then had to replace heater core, they told us on 1999 Pontiac Grand Am

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we had a gas leak and asked if we had engine work done on car.
so my questions is does the mechanic that did engine work; have to fix fuel leak being car is got fuel leak that is a fine mist leaking onto the manifold that can cause our engine to catch on fire.
and we had to inform them that was found by another mechanic that replaced our heater core; after they smelled gas leak.
and the mechanic that did engine work didnot inspect our car throughly before releasing car to us = only had car back for 3 weeks after having engine work done.
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If you had an overheated engine that could cause a high pressure in the cooling system that could blow up the heater core. but the damage should be present at right after the engine was installed.
that was not my question; my question is = when i had heater core replaced that mechanic asked me if i recently had engine work done on my car; i said yes. he told me my car had a gas leak that was spraying a fine mist of gas onto the manifold, and could cause car to catch fire. so the question is being i had only had engine replaced 3 weeks ago does the mechanic have to fix gas leak that installed the engine????