Q: We just had timing belt replaced, valves, etc.runs great. Today won't start.?? on 1999 Kia Sephia

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We have a refurbished battery and it won't start with a jump. Sounds like it wants to,but won't. Could it still be the battery? Its been very cold at night also, last night got down to 19 degrees. Do you have any ideas?
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Do you have a battery load tester, or hydrometer, have the battery tested under a load and check battery cables and ground connections.
No, we don't have either. We'll check battery cables etc. What about micro relay? Fuses seem to be okay. Like I said, went out started last night... ran like a champ, this mornning just kept cranking over. Sounded like it wanted to catch but wouldn't, don't here any noises, clicking etc... just stumped! We've only had it up & running for about 4 months, all that money for timing belt, vavles etc. Just frustrating!! Thanks for your input/advise!!!
Also checked if gas was coming out of the line.. yes, came out in a strong stream. What about fuel pump/filter....trying process of elimination. Thanks, again!
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I was assuming the starter wouldn't work, with jumped battery. If you're getting good fuel pressure it probably good fuel pump. Check compression to see if your compression is good, make sure timing belt hasn't slipped. Injector pulse check, spark to plugs.
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