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Q: Way wood a Catalytic Converter need a Replacement on 2005 Kia Amanti

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it's new ( so thy say ) that thy put it in 2 years a go , do thay go that fast ??
Thy Replace it with a new one becous gas was gettng in the old one .
did they fix the reason the fuel was getting in the converter?? if not, then that is why it failed again.

TY you for your help, it's not gas any more so thy say at Kia it just failed ( only 2 years old ) and the cost will be around $1,500. to $1,600. Cash to fix ! Don't thy no hard times are hear for most of us . i take my 2005 Kia Amanti to Kia for most work to be done and only have 65,200 on it now !
Wish the good old days wear back , in the 1968 i gut a new pick-up gut over 230,000 miles on it then sold it in 1975 and pad under 1.25 for gas,., !!! Every one wonts too much , the rich get richer and we pay for it !
a red flag comes up here. cat converters are warrantied for 8 yr 80k mileage. i would bring this up to the service manager and get it resolved. it seems that they may owe you one now and refund for the previous.
go to regional office if you do not get any satisfaction.

Is your car burning oil? If it is, the oil goes through the exhaust system and coats the inside of the cat the heat of the cat makes the oil burn on the inside of the cat and causes the cat to fail. The oil will also coat the oxygen sensor and cause your check engine light to come on. The test for your cat is to drive the car for 10 or 20 miles. Stop and have someone place their hand behind the tailpipe and as you rev the engine they will feel the exhaust gasses, if it is hot enough for them to think that their hand might get burned then your cat is failed. If not repaired the computer will try and make the car run right and in doing that it messes up a lot of other stuff. I know I have that T-Shirt!
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