Q: $Waterpump Replacement Cost$ on 2005 Dodge Stratus

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I was told by Meineke I need to have my water pump and timing belt replaced on my 05' Dodge Stratus for $1000.00. Holy crap I was shocked! I didn't even know I had an issue. I took it to get serviced and that day the temp light came on. I asked them about it and they said they would take a look. The outcome is as is above. I don't know what to do. I just dont have that money laying around. Should I shop around for other prices and see what I find? Or is this one right and a decent cost to fix the issue.
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You can double check that estimate here and get another estimate here I tried to look it up for you but there is 4 engines for this vehicle
Thats about right. I have an 05' Dodge Stratus SXT sedan and paid $1100 to have the water pump and timing belt done.
i had my belt replaced for 340 but i purchased belt myself about 25 bucks never did water pump i say shop around because when my belt broke my car wouldnt start so if you drove there your belt is good