Q: Water unter the passenger's side carpet. on 1996 Buick Riviera

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Found clear water in the battery well and can feel it under the front & rear passenger's side carpet. The weather has been warm enough for the A/C compresso to be running. Any guesses on the water source.
(3) Answers
The A/C evaporator drain may be plugged or disconnected. I'm not sure exactly where it is on this vehicle, but you will want to check on that. Peek up under the dashboard, on the right side, on the bottom of the heater box.
Hi, Because you said "clear water", we'll rule out a leak in the heater hose. So the
next obvious "source" could be a leak/tear in the weather-stripping. Not knowing
where your battery box is....I'm guessing water/rain is getting into the engine
compartment AND is probably coming in behind the dashboard and traveling
down to its lowest point (under carpet - passenger side). Pull up the carpet, dry
everything, then place a couple of dry paper towels on floor.....then use a hose
or carwash with doors & windows up tight. Look to see where the paper towel
gets wet 1st...and try to locate any additional wetness! Good Luck! - callhow