Q: water pump, where is it located? on 1997 BMW 528i

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my car overheated & all the steam is coming from the right sided of the engine, could this be the water pump pr somtething else as there is no fluid leaking to the ground. please help.
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Come on people, if you don't know, you don't know, the guy is looking for an answer, not "take it to a repair shop" Any idiot can figure that one out.

If you've got steam, or a leak coming from the right side of the engine, there's a 3/8" cooling hose that connects just below the intake manifold, on the right side, or drivers side of the engine. I believe it terminates at the throttle intake to a sensor to sense warm up fuel/air mixture for the computer. I've repaired my leak without taking the intake off. I did not repair the other end, as it was not leaking.

we have the same car model bmw 528i 1997.the water pump is in the back of fan .the fan is attached to the water have to remove the fan clutch first then remove the water pump.You need size 32 wrench for the clutch and a special tool to hold the pulley .usually if there is something wrong with water pump, it leaks water and it sound is like moaning cow.there could be something wrong with your radiator.have it clean can buy a replacement part (water pump) by GMB products.
It's located in the middle of the engine block. The cooling fan mounted to the water pump, so it's easy to find.
The coolant leak could be at different parts, the best would be to take it to a repair shop, let them check it. They will give you an accurate estimate.

thank you for responding, unfortunetly I am not in a position to take it to a shop. the steam when it is overheating is coming from midway down on the right on the engine block
Possible water pump failure. You can buy a little telescopic mirror in most parts shop for $ 2-3, these are great to check areas that normally have no access to. It would help you to pinpoint the leak. If you are not in the position to take it to a shop, you are not in the position to waste money to parts that not necessary. We all have times like this. I hope you can find the exact location and be able to repair it.

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