Q: Water pump replacement. Is it necessary to replace a good timing belt? on 2002 Dodge Stratus

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My car has 129,000 miles on it. I took my car to an mechanic today because of anti-freeze dripping under the engine. The mechanic told me that the leak was coming from my water pump and it would have to be replaced. The mechanic also told me that I would have to get a new timing belt and accessories and that would cost $800.00!. The mechanic told me If I get the water pump replaced, I should get timing belt replaced. That makes sense to me, but I told him that I had my timing belt replaced at 90,000 miles 3 years ago but he said it didn't matter. I know a timing belt for my car last 100,000 miles. Also, he said that if I didn't get the timing belt replaced, the bill would be less $50.00. So either way I go, I would pay a lot of money. I told the mechanic I would get back to him. So is the mechanic right? I feel that I should have my water pump repair and not spend money on a new timing belt when my old one is still good.
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Yes he is right. To replace the water pump, he will be right there to replace the timing belt. If will have to come off anyway to do the job, so why put the old one back in.
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