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Q: water pump replacement on 2003 Chrysler Sebring

Is it normal for a water pump to go out at 70000 miles? Also after coolent was put in because it was very low the car stopped leaking and also getting to hot. Is this normal?
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I am not quite clear on your question. Was the water pump replaced? You state that you added coolant and the leak stopped and also getting hot.. Adding coolant will not stop a leak, however If I am understanding you correctly, the engine stopped getting hot after adding coolant. If this is correct, if is normal, however, if the engine gets hot after adding coolant, this is not normal and further diagnosis is needed. Any time the cooling system has been opened such as replacing a water pump, IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT THE COOLING SYSTEM AIR BLEED VALVE BE OPENED BEFORE ANY COOLANT IS ADDED TO THE COOLING SYSTEM. FAILURE TO OPEN THE BLEED VALVE FIRST WILL RESULT IN AN INCOMPLETE FILL OF THE SYSTEM. It may be necessary to add additional coolant to the coolant recovery container after three or four warm-up/cool down cycles to maintain coolant level between the MIN and MAX marks; as additional trapped air is removed from the system. 70,000 miles is good for the life of a water pump. As with any mechanical part, it is impossible to determie when it will fail. I have seen water pumps fail in as little as 10,000 miles and last as long as 150,000 miles.

Thank you Johnny for respnding! Water pump was not replaced. Since water and coolant was replaced my car has not leaked a drop nor has my car even come close to getting hot. This worry has me for the last 3 weeks. I listen to one mechanic and he told me that I need a new water punp. I dont know what to think some times! I almost had the water punp and the timing belt replaced last week. Instead I got ripped off by another mechanic who bought a new water pump and then said I dont need one. But he sayes he still replaced my timing belt be cause he said I would need one anyways in 10000. I really feel there is nothing ever wrong except very low coolant. But I still worry because I dont want my car to heat up. I trust people and I dont know if I have a new timing belt or not. Hope you can respond.
Absent some kind of a problem, coolant is not something you should be loosing. When you fill up the system, it may have air trapped in the internal passages somewhere and you need to 'Burp" it out of the system. Usually there is a little bleeder valve(s) at the high point in the system for this purpose. If you don't, it will likely cause the engine to overheat. When it overheats, the coolant boils over, and the system looses fluid.. If the car is more than a couple years old, you may want to try something as simple as replacing the radiator cap? Why? Well, (1) it is cheap and, (2) you can easily change it yourself when the engine is cold. The cap's job is to hold pressure in the system when the coolant heats up. Once the pressue get's too high, then the cap allows the pressure to blow off and you loose fluid. The trick is though, as the cap wears out due to many heating and cooling cycles, it starts to blow off steam at lower pressure. Cooling system failures have many possible causes, but this is the least expensive one. I don't like to randomly throw parts at a car, but for $5, it is worth a try.


Brian C.
Thank you for your responce. I already took my car to the shop last summer. I had the water pump put in,new belt new radiater cap, they said my 2little fans were not working radiater flush and new fluid. A month maybe more my car smells like anti freeze sure enough when I got home after a little later a leak again on the same side of the car up front right side. I have been making sure my car is not getting hot. There was no coolant in my resivore at all. Since then I have just been filling my car up with water until I can take my car in. So now what could be wrong now? I cant even go 2 months with out radiater fluid leaking from my car. Hope you can give a responce soon thank you.
Yes, all components have a life expectancy, and water pumps are about 70K, although they do tend to last longer with todays low silica extended life coolants
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