Water Pump Replacement

The water pump pushes coolant through a vehicle's cooling system. The water pump is operated by a fan belt at the front of the engine or by the timing belt.

A failing water pump may start to leak coolant and/or make a rumbling sound as the water pump's bearings start to deteriorate.

To replace the water pump, the cooling system is drained and the fan belt or timing belt and pulleys are removed.

If the water pump is operated by a fan belt, the hose going from the water pump to the radiator is removed, as are the bolts securing the water pump to the engine. The water pump is removed from the engine, and the engine surfaces are cleaned. A new water pump and gasket are installed, and the cooling system is refilled with fresh coolant.

If the water pump is operated by the timing belt, the timing belt covers, timing belt, and all related components are disassembled. The hardware securing the water pump to the engine is removed, and the water pump is removed from the engine. The surfaces are cleaned and a new water pump and gasket are installed. All timing belt–related components, fan belts, and pulleys are reinstalled, and the cooling system is refilled with fresh coolant.

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