Q: water pump repair or replace with cost estimator on 2000 Volkswagen Jetta

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i just had this happen today, i heard a gergling sound and then a scratching hissy sound , i parked, opened up my hood and checked under the car saw something leaking, then I checked my temp gauge and it was all the way to the right end. I immediately shut the car off. Is it the water pump or what else can it be and how much will it cost me?
(2) Answers
It may be the water pump, but this needs to be looked at to determine the issue. These models did have issues with the water pumps, but there's always other possibilities.
Try not to drive this if the temperature gauge goes over the half way mark.
You can find a list of shops here:
and an estimate for some of the possible repairs here:
very common for the plastic impeller to break off behind the pump causing no circulation. it is reccomended to replace pump, t stat and timing belt together. pricing is around 800-1000. check shops in your area for estimates.