Q: water pump pulley binding on 1999 Dodge Durango

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I had my serp belt work its way off and got tangled around fan-i replaced and immediately after installing new, and starting, i noticed it made noise began to come off again...I looked at pulley it is not turning at all while car not started...can you help please.
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Sounds like water pump pulley or another pulley is seizing, remove belt, spin all the pulleys to see which one, pay attention for any that wiggle when grap and wiggle it or has rough feel when turning with hand on it and of course any that will not turn, stand to the side and eye down to check alignment to see if all looks parallel and straight. Replace as needed. I would replace the new belt also since it has already been twisted a bit trying to come off again. If you don't then could throw at a bad time like not in your driveway.
Thanks for the water pump pulley is not turning, and I do notice just a very small bit of tiny, tiny play in the power steering you think it could make a difference?
It is normal for the power steering pump to have slight in and out play but you should not be able to grab pulley and wiggle it side to side.
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