Q: water pump on 1998 Volkswagen Passat

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my car keeps overheating. i have replaced the radiator, the thermostat, and all of the sensors. so the only thing i have left is the water pump. i have the parts but i just cant find a place where i can get it done for under 200. thats all i can afford. please help.
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It's highly likely the water pump is bad. The impeller on the pump is plastic and it breaks off and stops circulating coolant through the engine, allowing it to overheat.
It's unfortunate that money was wasted replacing items that were not the cause of the problem, and now you cannot afford the repair needed. Whatever you do, don't allow the engine to overheat, this will cause even more damage. You can try negotiating with a shop for a payment plan on the repair. Did a shop recommend replacing the radiator and sensors?
hey, yeah, if a shop recommended replacing all those parts, they should be held responsible for your current money deficit, but, the best thing would be, using the bus system, go and shop for a shop that will allow a payment plan.

what ever happened to the good ol' air cooled Vdubs?

are you the only guy who knows it all Bret?
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