Q: water leak into driver side from a/c running. cannot find drain hose on 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor

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water draining into driver side floor, pulled carpet to find source but cannot find.
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I have the same problem, but plenty of water is comming out of the drain, so I don't think it is blocked?
the drain for the Air conditioner is under the hood on the fire wall, near the brake lines, you cannot see it but you should be able to feel it, if you come up from underneath, try running a line in to it such as a wire hanger or some other stiff but flexible line and try to clear the obstruction, mine has done this twice, once it was a dragon fly, the other it was a piece of insulation. run the line in and park it on a down hill and see if it helps. the dealer will charge alot to start off doing the same thing
I cannot find that hole. Everyone is saying it is between the two brake lines coming up on the driver's side, but for the life of me I cannot find it. If you could pin point to me exactly how you found it, I would appreciate it immensely. I don't feel like paying a fortune to Mitsubishi! THANKS MUCH.