Q: Water leak in passenger side floor when air conditioner is operated. on 2000 Jeep Cherokee

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Water is leaking into passenger side floor when air conditioner is operated. I think something that is supposed to let this water go out is plugged. Where is this and how do I access it and unplug it?
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the water might be leaking from your heater core hoses. it is under the passenger side dash right against the firewall.
I'm new to this site and you're right. I had the same problem (suzuki xl7) and noticed a hose under the passenger had become loose. I easily put the hose back and haven't had the problem since. Now I have a ? for you. Do you know why the ac light would blink on and off?
I have a cadillac cts 2005 and I also have the same problem. I turn the a c on and it starts to leaking inside the passengers side. what can i do to stop it???
i heard that the drain plug was made up of two half circle like so ( ). When the two pieces were connected there was no adhesive used so it leaks through that hole. i am currently having the same problem and trying to figure it out.
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