Q: •water leak front passenger side compartment/floor-board when a/c is being used on 2004 Chrysler Town & Country

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RE-posting from Oct 22/2013 b/c i didn't see answer yet.
•water leak onto front passenger side compartment/floor-board when a/c is being used.
I saw the comment advising to use a foam sealant around HVAC unit IF leaking... Do I have to take the dash apart to get to it? Is there possibly a plastic part that may have broken? THANKS for your advice! Can i just pull up thick black capet-like material to find leak?
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For ProfessorG: I modified the condensation tube with an elbow; that seems to have been the problem like you said; now I'll just let the carpet dry out and see if that fixed the problem... THANK YOU!! Before i started trouble-shooting, Mechanics wanted to charge me $500. with varied reasons!
i will have to run it again and check... thanks... if it's cold, then? If it's hot, then? Does this yr & model have an elbow on tube from the outside (that part is straight and flows freely outside) to the inside?

the condensation pipe drains fine to the outside, does the pipe have an elbow that leads to the inside on this yr & model? maybe that's clogged and needs to be unclogged or modified or replaced? vs. possible heater core? hhhmmmm....
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