Q: Water in Transmission Dodge Charger 2006. on 2006 Dodge Charger

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My car stopped running on a busy highway late at night and I had to take my Dodge Charger 2006 to a Transmission shop where I was informed the transmission had water in it (water had been in there long enough to cause rust to form in 'pan' area..whatever that means). Nobody could explain how it got there as it is a closed unit. My cost is over $2000., insurance won't pay and I don't know how or why this happened as everyone I have talked to has no explanation, only telling me my out of pocket cost. Please help me to understand. Frustrated. my email address is:
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check for the TSB on this issue. There is a problem with the seal failing where the tranny dipstick enters the tranny...water gets in and fouls fluid. Dealer replaced mine under warranty
the transmission cooler lines go to the raditor their is a seperate cooler in the raditor the crack and water from the raditor seep into the cooler under pressure coolant into transmission destroys the trans better change the raditor