Q: Water in a/c compressor on 2005 Scion tC

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I am having quite a large problem with my a/c unit. Whenever I have the a/c running and making a hard left turn, I hear sizzling water by my glove box. When I opened up the cover under the glove box, I felt so moister. The kick is that when I made a hard left turn with the cover off, water just started spewing out of the condenser(think it's the condenser). Is there something wrong with the evaporator or a hole in some tubing? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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If there was a hole in the a/c tubing the a/c wouldn't work. It sounds like the vent tube that allows moister out of the heating and air conditioning housing behind the dash is blocked or restricted. Find the rubber tube that vents to the engine compartment and remove it and see if leaves or debris are caught in the tube or housing.
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