Q: water collects in the back seat floorboards on 2001 Dodge Neon

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when I drive my car in the rain, water collects on the floor in the back seat. what do I do to try to fix this?
(1) Answer
Had the same problem. Took it to a mechanic and auto glass repair place. It was finally determined that water was leaking in around the trunk due to the rubber seal being damaged. It was suggested that I reseal the entire rubber seal with epoxy. What I found was that water was leaking into the trunk and pooling in the spare tire well, and over time the water started to drain to the back seat floorboards. Use a dryvac to remove the water as soon as possible to decrease the chance of mold growing. If it doesn't appear to be the trunk seal you can always check the seals around the rear doors to see if there is any odd water lines which might be an indication of a leak. good luck