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Q: Was this repair overpriced or not? on 2000 Volvo S40

I had my car repaired because it kept stalling out at red lights to the point that it would turn off and, the car would accelerate own it's own without pressing the gas pedal. I took it in and after three days here is a copy of the reciept. Was I ripped off? Please only people who are knowledgeable respond because I want to be sure.

Thanks, Rob.
Columbia, South Carolina
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Your car was most likely dying because of the Intake Air Temp Sensor and/or the Coolant Temp Sensor. All the other work was preventative work. Was you timing belt due? The prices for the Timing Belt work is is kinda high, it should be about 1000. The Coolant Temp Sensor and Air Temp Sensor job is about $250 max with diagnosis. the Cam Seal/Crank Seal work was pretty stiff. it takes about an hour. I guess that thermostat was preventative. This shop charges top dollar, I just wonder how much of the work was needed. I mean you car was dying at stops right? I don't see how a timing belt or thermostat has anything to do with that, to be honest. I used to work at a Volvo dealer as a Tech, so I am pretty familiar with these cars.
Yeah that is the thing. I do not know if I needed it. My car would accelerate and surge about 5 MPH up after I let off the gas pedal. My car would turn off at a red light when I was not moving. If I was driving and came to a stop, the car would sometime turn off. I have no idea what all these repairs were but everyone just says, "Volvo's are expensive". I do believe they are expensive to repair but I mean damn man, this was a lot of money for a car. On the other hand, the car is 9 years old and I knew some repairs would be needed I just was surprised at how much. And if these fixes were preventative somewhat, I better not be back in a auto shop this year or next except for oil changes. .. Thanks for the replies dandd and sinauto.
I agree. What is missing from the receipt is the diagnosis. Why did they replace all those sensors? Were they giving invalid readings? It takes a $100 pro scan tool to get the readings out from the engine computer. If the engine computer thinks that, say, the intake air is 150F, while it's really 60F, then of course you have a problem: the computer needs an accurate picture of reality out there, and it uses sensors to do that. If the readings are unreasonable, then you troubleshoot -- it's usually either the harness or the sensor. The coolant temp. sensors do go bad on this car, apparently, so maybe it was really bad. The thermostat -- hmm, was it bad?

There's plenty of other work that they did that in my experience probably needed to be done on a car of that age. I had to do all that on my car, and it's the same model and year. Yet it should have been done at your convenience and not without consulting you first. I think they were dishonest and tried to shove as much work as you'd take. They ripped you off in that sense.
Is a big job your talking about over 10 hours of repairs did you need it? provably not the stalling was cause by the air sensor when your stop at a red light idle kicks in the idle speed control keeps you from stalling if this was your only problem the guys there should had only replace this, they did not ripped you off if they replace all those things but they did ripped you off because you did not need it.
actualy it was probably the tempature coolant sensor. i had the same exact problem..fixed it with a 40 doller part.......?"edit" but the other repairs were probably worth itbut u didnt need tohem to fix ur problem
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