Q: Was I screwed on BMW X5 dealership repairs? on 2008 BMW X5

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I took my 2008 X5 (60,000 miles) in for break pad replacement. BMW told me I needed to replace radiator and updated hose due to leaking coolant ($1,000) + replace trans sealing sleeve due to leaking ($800) + replace oil filter housing gasket and oil cooler seal due to leaking due to leaking ($630) + replace rear sway bar links due to loose.
Has anyone had these problems with 2008 X5?
If BMW pushed me into repairs do I have any recourse with complaints?
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Not unsual on this make! Nobody ever says anything about the expense of owning a BMW. Any BMW!
That's just how it is, sorry. You may want to get a second opinion. See this a lot at the shop. They are a sharp looking car though, i will give them credit for that.
No that dosen't sound right! However, i can't argue with someone that is actually looking at the vehicle either. Might want to get another opinion from another shop.