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Q: Was engine damaged by mechanic's error. on 2003 Honda Pilot

I own (bought new) a 2003 Honda Pilot that has been fabulous.I always followed the maintenance schedule to include two 100,000 mile services .The vehicle has 199,000+.
I recently took it to one of the quickie Valvolene oil change sites and they changed the oil.Before they started I told them to be careful with the oil plug since it was oversized due to the threads being stripped.
When they said it was ready the mechanic said he had put a new oil plug in for me and I assumed it too was oversized.
I drove home (about 1.2miles) and looked out my front door an hour or so later and noticed a huge s[pot of liquid on my driveway.I checked and it was oil.I immediately drove to the Valvolene shop and they admitted that the they saw oil leaking as I was pulling out but they didn't know how to get in touch with me.They couldn't get a reading on the dip stick and had to put in four quarts.I now notice my engine pecking (it has been several hundred miles since the incident)and I can't recall it pecking like that previously.
My question is if the engine was damaged would I know it by now and would it be more than a pecking sound? and do you recommend I do anything to minimize further damage ?
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The noise could be due to the low oil causing damage, but also could be valve train noise - the valves should be adjusted regularly. Check your history of maintenance to see when it was done the last time.

Not much else you can do, except make sure it has good oil now. Hopefully it will just go away, or will be a simple valve adjustment.
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